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Dec.Development of "Radon Standard Graph" through Radon Big Data Analysis

Nov.Agreement on the Development of Korean Radon Reservoir with Chinese Micro Air Lines

Oct.The U.S. No. 1 for radon reduction, paentaekssa a contract for sole agency Asia.

Sep.Attending the International Radon Symposium on the Subject of AARST

Jul.Attend the 2019 Ho Chi Minh KOSEF Fair

May.Global media selected 'BEST of Made In Korea TOP 2'

May."Betterhouse," a shopping mall specializing in radon reduction, is open to offline shops.

Apr."Betterhouse," an online shopping mall specializing in radon reduction, has been opened.

Mar.Attend the Air-Conditioning and Air-Conditioning Fair

Jan.Attend CES2019


Jun.Credit Guarantee Fund attracting investment

Apr.INNOBIZ Certification


Oct.“2018 Radon mitigation project in school” supply contract with SK Telink

May.KODIT “First Penguin Start-up company” Selection

Apr.Ministry of Environment Approved to establish indoor radon mitigation society


Dec.Development of scintillator Radon Sensor

Jul.Demonstration of Radon mitigation system with KT

Mar.Commercialization of Radon Mitigation System with LGU+

Feb.Development of LTE based real-time Radon mitigation system


Oct.‘FT-LAB’ Radon meter and sensor sales exclusive contract

Mar.Patent Application for Radon Mitigation

Jan.‘Yonsei University Radon Safety Center’ Appointment of testing reception agency


Nov. Commercialization of Radon test kit “Radomon Kit”

Jun.BETTERLIFE Inc. Establishment